Social Responsibility

We believe that every organization's success also depends on the strength of the neighboring communities. For this reason, we are working to promote and assist various communities in our region.
Be'eri Printers and Kibbutz Be'eri allocate a fixed sum every year to help advance different social projects. Both kibbutz members and hired employees of Be'eri Printers are involved in these activities, and view it as an important element of their personal statement and social identity.

Beginning in 2011, Be'eri Printers has been involved in two projects of empowerment and knowledge sharing:

The Children's University – Enrichment studies for children in the communities belonging to the Eshkol Regional Council. This special program, constructed by experienced professionals from Be'eri Printers includes familiarization with theoretical subjects connected to the printing profession in general and to Be'eri Printers in particular. The contents, designed to be specifically suitable for children, include creative activities, active experiences, and practical social activities.

Access For All – is an initiative by which Ben Gurion University opens its gates to weaker populations and enables them to acquire essential knowledge about subjects studied in the university. Be'eri Printers has committed itself, both organizationally and financially, to run a Summer Semester in which 100 students will study three subjects: Computers, English, and Hebrew.